August 13, 2014

What’s ahead for 2014

This year’s Recycle Your Reusables will take place on Saturday, October 25, from 9:00am-2:00pm at the Ayer-Shirley Middle School.

We’re excited about some new vendors. In addition to all the other materials you’ve been able to bring in the past this year we plan to recycle – wait for it- BUBBLE WRAP!!!, tires; NON-RECHARGEABLE batteries (we’ve always taken rechargeable ones); ceramic materials like toilets, sinks and mugs, pens and markers and much more. Watch this space for updates.

For more information or to volunteer contact Laurie Sabol at or 978 496 5839.

July 11, 2014

Complete list of items you can bring

NOTE: No hazardous waste (motor oil, gasoline, pesticides, propane tanks, weed killer, etc) accepted

**New in 2014

  • Air conditioners
    • if usable, no fee
    • if being recycled, $15
  • Appliances of all sizes
    • if usable, no fee
    • if being recycled, $5-$15 depending on size
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Baby gear (cribs, high chairs, diapers, changing tables, car seats, etc)
  • Back packs
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Batteries, rechargeable and alkaline
  • Bicycles, tools, bike tires, bike racks and accessories
  • Bottles and cans, returnable
  • Bubble wrap**
  • Cabinets
  • Carpeting and carpet tiles
  • Ceiling fans
  • Cell phones
  • Chip bags
  • Clothing
  • Computers and other electronics (monitors and outdated electronics are assessed a 5$ fee)
  • Countertops
  • Crayons
  • Documents (on CD, DVD) to be shredded
  • Dog equipment: tennis balls, toys, blankets
  • Doors (no sliding glass doors)
  • Drywall
  • Electrical construction supplies
  • Electronics
  • Eye glasses
  • Flooring
  • Furniture (no king beds)
  • Granola bar wrappers (lined with foil only)
  • Greeting cards, no Disney, Hallmark or American Greeting
  • Hardware (locks, knobs, hinges)
  • Hearing aids
  • Jewel cases (plastic cases holding DVDs and CDs)
  • Keys and locks
  • Leather hats and belts
  • Linens (sheets, towels, curtains and rugs)
  • LIVESTRONG wristbands
  • Lumber and plywood
  • Medals earned from marathons, half-marathons, or triathlons
  • Packing peanuts**
  • Paint (full, unopened cans of the same color): interior/2 gallons minimum, exterior/5 gallons minimum. Only white, neutral and pastels.
  • Pantyhose, nylon kneehighs, tights
  • Paper (for shredding)
  • Plastic bags (used for wood pellets, bird seed, potting soil, frozen foods, salad fixings, crackers, cereal, etc)
  • Plastic milk crates
  • Plastic outdoor furniture
  • Plastic pails
  • Plastic trash containers
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Polyethylene (#4 foam)**
  • Polypro (#5 foam): looks like Styrofoam but has a number 5 recycle symbol and bends slightly instead of snapping**
  • Race medals (see medals)
  • Refrigerators
    • if usable, no fee
    • if being recycled, $5-$15 depending on size
  • Returnable bottles and cans
  • Ride-on-toys
  • Roofing materials
  • Scooters
  • Scrap metal
  • Shelves
  • Shoes
    • Gently used shoes and boots of all kinds
    • Unwearable athletic shoes (no cleats, sandals or flip-flops)
  • Shutters
  • Soaps and shampoos
  • Styrofoam (aka #6 EPS foam)
    • foam egg cartons
    • hot cups such as Dunkin Donuts and Honey Dew (no cardboard-infused cups)
    • packing blocks
    • packing peanuts
    • produce and meat trays with #6 symbol in the triangle (biodegrable trays do not have a recycle symbol)
    • soft foam, such as pipe insulation
    • take-out containers (please rinse)
    • trays
    • white insulation sheets
Note Styrofoam items not accepted
  • biodegradable produce and meat trays, i.e., GenPak without the recycling symbol
  • blue or pink insulation sheets unless in full size sheets (so they can be reused)
  • cardboard egg cartons
  • foam cups infused with cardboard or paper such as McDonalds and Burger King (ice tea cup)
  • food containers with plastic film attached (some ground turkey comes in these containers)
  • plastic utensils
  • soft foam pads
  • Televisions
    • if usable, no fee
    • if being recycled, $8-$20 depending on size
  • Tennis balls
  • Thermometers and thermostats
  • Tile, ceramic and vinyl
  • Tires**
  • Toilets, low-flow
  • Tools
  • Toys, plastic (to be recycled, not reused)
  • Toys, plush
  • Tubs and enclosures
  • Tyvek envelopes
  • Windows
  • Wine corks
  • Yarn
August 4, 2013


All-American Recycling: anything with a cord, such as computers, electronics and televisions ($)

Ayer-Shirley Lions Club: eyeglasses and hearing aids. They are cleaned, tested and re-used for people that can’t afford them. Most glasses are used in other countries, while the hearing aids are able to be re-used here in the US. Eyeglasses need to be intact, no missing lenses or broken frames.

Battery recycling from Battery Solutions and Call2Recycle: household batteries, both rechargeable and non-rechargeable, such as D-cell, C-cell, AA, AAA, 9-volt, and button cell; rechargeable battery packs from cell phones, cameras, laptop computers, power tools, etc; handheld electronics such as cell phones, iPods, PDAs, pagers, etc and any other dry-cell batteries.

Bay State Textiles: all post consumer textiles. Clothing, paired shoes, linens, plush toys, backpacks. The textiles do not have to be in wearable condition but must be dry and free of odor and mold.

Boston Building Resources:  Good to excellent construction materials, completely install-ready (no defects that need repair, no refinishing, no spare parts to track down to make functional.

Casella Waste Systems: rigid plastics such as kids’ toys, outdoor furniture, trash barrels, 5 gallon pails, milk crates, and more.

Clean the World:  new, unwrapped bars of soap, unused soaps and bottled amenities from  hotel stays.

Crazy Crayons: unwanted, rejected, broken crayons. Leave the wrappers on.

DuPont Tyvek: used Tyvek® envelopes.

Extras for Creative Reuse: yarn, plastic, fabric, mylar, tile, leather, children’s paints, art supplies, etc.

Friends of Pepperell Recreation: bicycles

Highland Shredding: paper shredding and electronic media destruction

Key for Hope: keys and lock systems

Lou’s Upcycle: various types of plastic bags that used to hold packaged food, animal food, potting soil and wood pellets.

The Lowell Wish Project: gently used household goods including clothes, furniture, mattresses/box springs, radios & TVs, appliances, computers, linens, Game Boys and baby gear. See the complete list here.

The Wish Project does not want:

    • baskets, pictures or decorative items
    • toys or stuffed animals
    • outdoor furniture, bikes or grills
    • console TVs or extra large furniture
    • sports equipment

Medals for Mettle: earned marathon, half-marathon, or triathlon medals, medals earned by children who wish to donate them to other children.

More Than Words: fiction and non-fiction books (hardcover or trade paperback), antiquarian books, audio books on CD or cassette, music CDs, DVD and VHS movies, video games.

NEADS: dog and cat supplies including tennis balls, toys and blankets

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe: all brands of athletic shoes to reprocess into athletic playing surfaces.

No nonsense recycling: pantyhose, nylon knee highs, tights (all brands)

ReCORK: wine corks

ReFoamIt: Styrofoam packing blocks, food trays/containers (#4-#6, rinsed clean), coolers, drink cups, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, #4 (LDPE), #5 PolyPro and more.  For more information about what to bring, click

St Jude’s Ranch for Children: used greeting cards, no Disney, Hallmark, American Greeting, fronts only, no writing on back

The Ayer Recycling Committee will sell the Earth Machine compost bin for $40 (cash or check only).


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