October 27, 2016

Thank you! 2016 was an amazing success!

The 8th annual Recycle Your Reusables, held on October 15, was a tremendous success! 515 people, a 25% increase from last year came from near (Ayer) and far (Newton). Thanks to you, more than 15 tons of material were diverted from local landfills. Residents from 30 towns dropped off:

  • 6.5 tons of electronics
  • a small mountain of plastic bags
  • 2.125 tons of textiles
  • 3 tons of shredded paper and media
  • 58 mattresses for recycling
  • 50 cubic yards of Styrofoam
  • 41 pounds of pens and markers at their end of life
  • 13 pounds of Brita filters
  • 10 pounds of drink pouches
  • a truckload of goods for the Leominster Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • many household items for needy people served by Transitions at Devens and the Donations Clearinghouse
  • 2.7 tons of scrap metal
  • 1228 pounds of alkaline and rechargeable batteries, with 956 pounds having hazardous metals content
  • hundreds of pounds of rigid plastic
  • and SO much more.

In addition, the Devens Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry received almost $2000 and 755 pounds of food to help its clients.

I would like to thank our generous sponsors: Phoenix Park, North Middlesex Savings Bank, Dunkin Donuts (Ayer), Worker’s Credit Union, Catania-Spagna, CPF/Pepsi, Ayer Shop ‘n Save, Pizza Bella, the Cottage, Village Pizza (Shirley), Nashoba Club, the Shirley Sub Shoppe, the recycling Committees of Townsend, Groton and Shirley, and the Town of Littleton.

I would also like to thank our amazing crew of volunteers: Nick Boggiano, Susan Boggiano, Molly Cadogan, Irene Congdon, Alexander Corbett, Tessa David, Maikel Gad, John Hohman, Owen Macdonald, Will Macdonald, Ruth Maxant, Kelsie McAllister, Riley Meusel, Brody Miner, Rhyschel Perez, Lauri Poutry, Susan Shaine, Beth Suedmeyer, Samantha Tedford, Bryce Valliere, Michele Woodland, Girl Scout troop 81319 and leader Heather Houde, Girl Scout troop 62094 and leader Bette Surette, Cub Scout pack 100 and leader Erin Murphy, Ayer Shirley High School National Honor Society students and members of the Ayer and Shirley Recycling Committees: Dan Demille, Anna Fadden, Shawna Graham, Melissa Macdonald, Dawn McCall and Pam Torres.

Last, but most assuredly not least, thanks and much appreciation to Ayer Transfer Station employees Andrew Jackson, foreman, and Frank Mavilia and to Ray Maillet, Ayer-Shirley Regional Middle School custodian.

It’s not too early to start planning for next year. The 9th annual Recycle Your Reusables is tentatively scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 21 2017. See recycleyourreusables.wordpress.com for details. For questions or to volunteer, contact ayer recycles@gmail.com.


July 26, 2016


NOTE: This list is subject to change. Please check back for updates.

All-American Recycling: anything with a cord that’s no longer useable: computers, electronics, televisions, air conditioners, freezers, propane tanks etc. Note that fees may be charged. See Complete List for specifics.

Ayer-Shirley Lions Club: eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and hearing aids. They are cleaned, tested and re-used for people that can’t afford them. Most glasses are used in other countries, while the hearing aids are re-used in the US. Eyeglasses need to be intact, no missing lenses or broken frames.

Bay State Textiles: All textiles. Clothing, paired shoes, linens, plush toys, backpacks. The textiles do not have to be in wearable condition but must be dry and free of odor and mold. Put items in bags.

Call2Recycle: household batteries, both rechargeable and non-rechargeable, such as D-cell, C-cell, AA, AAA, 9-volt, and button cell; rechargeable battery packs from cell phones, cameras, laptop computers, power tools, etc; automotive/motorcycle/boat batteries; handheld electronics such as cell phones, iPods, PDAs, pagers, etc and any other dry-cell batteries.

Clean the World:  new, unwrapped bars of soap, unused soaps and bottled amenities from hotel stays.

Community Giving Tree: baby gear less than 10 years old: Pack ‘n Play, toddler beds and bedding, crib mattresses and cribs, strollers, high chairs, bassinets, baby swings, bumbos, boppy, booster seats, car seats purchased after 2012, bouncy seats, baby gates, infant tubs, baby clothes up to age 5, disposable diapers (open packages OK). All items must be clean and ready for immediate use.

Devens Recycling Center: wood scrap including Trex (no pressure-treated, creosote or railroad ties); porcelain sinks and toilets.

Donations Clearinghouse: furniture including tables and chairs, bureaus, end tables, nightstands; bed frames, mattress/boxsprings/bed frame/headboard/footboard sets (queen or smaller); small appliances newer than 10 years old; sets of dishes, glasses and silverware; cookware; upholstered items (sofas, loveseats, chairs) in good, reusable condition.

DuPont Tyvek: used Tyvek® envelopes.

Extras for Creative Reuse: yarn, plastic, fabric, mylar, tile, leather, children’s paints, arts and crafts supplies, office supplies, etc.

Friends of Pepperell Recreation: gently used bicycles, scooters, wagons, tricycles, ride-on toys.

Growing Places: tall shovels, rakes (leaf and garden), cultivators, shovels, weeding tools, bypass pruners, anvil pruners, loppers, pruning saws, electric string trimmers/weed wackers, post/hole digger, newspaper in bundles, plain cardboard, wheelbarrows, 5-gallon buckets, 2-gallon watering cans, untreated wood for stakes and beds (2”x 2” x 8-12’ and 2” x 6” to 8” x 8’ – 12, heavy duty outdoor extension cords. All items must be in good, working condition.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore:  Good to excellent construction materials; completely install-ready (no defects, no refinishing needed, no missing parts) such as faucets, shower enclosures, piping, tubs, vanities, bricks, masonry, shutters, roof shingles, cabinets, countertops, doors, electrical supplies (no light bulbs); electronics, rugs, carpeting, ceramic tiles, flooring, hardware, dishes, lamps and shades, ceiling fans, lumber, plywood, siding, trim, molding, paint (acrylic and latex only, full container), windows, appliances in working condition less than 9 years old; furniture (clean, no rips, tears or stains, no sleeper sofas or futons).

KWD, Inc: Styrofoam, including coolers, packing blocks, coffee cups, food trays, takeout containers, non-biodegradable packing peanuts. All items must be clean, dry and in bags. No spongy foam.

Mitrano Removal Service: scrap metal.

More Than Words: fiction and non-fiction books (hardcover or trade paperback), antiquarian books, audio books on CD or cassette, music CDs, DVD and VHS movies, video games.

NEADS: dog and cat supplies including tennis balls, toys and blankets, intact baby/dog gates, big plastic outdoor play sets, non-plush toys (hard balls, tugs, Frisbees).

Play it Again Sports Leominster: Sporting goods of all kinds EXCEPT cleats: yard games; fishing/hunting gear; ellipticals and treadmills; batting helmets; straight skis, water sports, paintball and airsoft gear; billiards; darts; ping-pong; air hockey, bats 4 years or older; hockey, lacrosse and parabolic skis 6 years or older.

PROSHRED: paper, CD and DVD shredding (no hard disks or jewel cases). NOTE: Onsite from 11am-2pm only.

ReCORK: wine corks.

REquipment: power and manual wheelchairs, scooters, sling lifts, portable ramps, tub/shower chairs, rollator walkers, adapted strollers, standers and gait trainers, and specialty cushions/mattresses. Equipment should be in good condition or easily repaired. Exceptions may be made with regard to the age or condition of the equipment if it is in high demand, of high-value or unusual to access.

Routhier Tire: auto, motorcycle, bicycle, lawn mower, tractor tires (on or off the rim).

St Jude’s Ranch for Children: used greeting cards; no Disney, Hallmark, American Greeting; fronts only, no writing on back.

Terrracycle: Brita and PUR water filters, accessories and packaging; chip bags; foil drink pouches; foil-lined energy bar wrappers;  plastic cosmetic, hair care and skin care packaging; toothbrushes and toothpaste; writing instruments (no wood pencils).

Transitions at Devens: baby monitors, bakeware, bed rails, book cases, bulletin boards, dishes (sets only), DVD players, filing cabinets, flat screen TVs, folding tables, kitchen utensils, lamps, linens, outdoor furniture, shelves.

Trex Recycling: plastic bags including grocery bags, bread bags, case overwrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, wood pellet bags, packaging air pillows, product wrap, re-sealable bags, produce bags, bubble wrap, salt bags, cereal bags, food storage bags. All materials must be clean, dry and free of food residue.

UTEC: non-useable mattresses and boxsprings. No futons, waterbeds or airbeds.

The Ayer Recycling Committee will sell the Earth Machine compost bin for $40 (cash or check only).

July 26, 2016

Complete list of items you can bring

PDF version of the complete list (updated 10/9/16)

NOTE: This list is subject to change. Please check back for updates.

  • Air conditioners
    • If usable, no fee, must be less than 9 years old
    • If being recycled, $5
  • Alkaline batteries: see batteries
  • Animal feed bags, plastic
  • Appliances of all sizes
    • If usable, no fee, must be less than 9 years old
    • If being recycled, fee depends on size
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Athletic gear, see individual sport or sporting goods
  • Automotive batteries
  • Baby/pet gates
  • Baby gear and furniture (high chairs, disposable diapers [open packages OK], changing tables, beds, bassinets, car seats purchased after 2012, Pack’n’Play, booster seats)
  • Back packs
  • Bakeware
  • Baseball bats, 3 years or younger
  • Baseball gloves, leather
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Bathtubs and enclosures
  • Batteries (intact and non-leaking) See examples here.
    • alkaline (AAA-AA-C-D-9V, etc)
    • button cell (what are they?)
    • lead-acid from cars, motorcycles, boats, lawn&garden, alarm-phone systems
    • lithium (including Coin, Photo, Petsafe, and Garage/Auto Keyless Entry)
    • rechargeable (including NiCad, NiMH, Lithium-Ion, laptops, UPSs, and smaller lead-acids)
  • Bed rails
  • Belts, hats, scarves, ties (clean and dry, don’t have to be useable)
  • Bicycles (rideable, gently used), tools, bike tires, bike racks and accessories)
  • Boat covers, plastic
  • Book cases
  • Books, print or CD (no encyclopedias)
  • Brita filters, accessories and packaging
  • Bubble wrap
  • Bulletin boards
  • Burt’s Bees lip balm and lip shimmer tubes, face care airless pump packages, all Burt’s Bees plastic caps
  • Button cell batteries: see Batteries
  • Cabinets
  • Cardboard, plain for garden beds
  • Carpeting and carpet tiles
  • Cassette tapes ($10 per box)
  • CDs, reusable
  • CDs for shredding (no jewel cases). NOTE: Vendor will be onsite from 11am-2pm only.
  • Ceiling fans
  • Cell phones
  • Chip bags
  • Cloth tote bags
  • Clothing (clean and dry, doesn’t have to be wearable). Put items in bags.
  • Computers and other electronics
  • Cookware
  • Countertops
  • Crayons
  • Cross-country skis and boots, NNN or 75mm only
  • CRT monitors $10-$30 depending on size
  • CRT televisions, see televisions
  • Curtains and draperies (clean and dry. Don’t have to be useable). Put items in bags.
  • Dehumidifiers, working. See eligibility info.
  • Disc golf discs
  • Dishes, sets only
  • Dog equipment: tennis balls, toys, blankets
  • Doors (no sliding glass doors)
  • Drink pouches (foil only)
  • Drywall, 2’x8′, 4’x’4′, 4’x8′
  • Duffle bags (Clean and dry, don’t have to be useable). Put items in bags.
  • Dumbbells, see weights
  • DVD players
  • DVDs, reusable
  • DVDs for shredding (no jewel cases). NOTE: Vendor will be onsite from 11am-2pm only.
  • Electrical construction supplies
  • Electronics
  • End tables
  • Energy bar wrappers (lined with foil only)
  • Extension cords, outdoor/heavy-duty
  • Eyeglasses
  • Filing cabinets
  • Flat screen televisions, see televisions
  • Flooring
  • Floppy disks for shredding
  • Foil drink pouches
  • Foil-lined energy/granola bar wrappers
  • Folding tables
  • Freezers
    • if usable, no fee, must be less than 9 years old
    • if being recycled, $5
  • Furniture (clean, no rips, tears or stains, no sleeper sofas or futons)
  • Garden tools in usable condition: tall shovels, rakes, cultivators, weeding tools, pruners, loppers, pruning saws
  • Gloves (Clean and dry, don’t have to be usable)
  • Golf clubs, pro end (Callaway, Nike, Ping, King Cobra, etc)
  • Granola bar wrappers (foil-lined only)
  • Greeting cards (no Disney, Hallmark or American Greeting)
  • Hardware (locks, knobs, hinges)
  • Hearing aids
  • Hockey gear, see ice hockey or street hockey
  • Holiday lights (LEDs only)
  • Household items (area rugs, framed prints, mirrors, fans, ironing boards, shower curtain liners, dustpan & brooms)
  • Ice hockey gear, including certified helmets and composite sticks, 5 years or younger
  • Ice skates, hockey and figure
  • Jewel cases (plastic cases holding DVDs and CDs)
  • Keys and locks
  • Kitchenware
  • Lacrosse sticks and gloves
  • Lamps
  • Lead acid batteries: see Batteries
  • Leather hats and belts
  • Linens (sheets, towels, blankets, table linens, comforters. Clean and dry, don’t have to be useable). Put items in bags.
  • Lithium batteries: see Batteries
  • LIVESTRONG wristbands
  • Lumber and plywood
  • Mattress/boxsprings/bed frame/headboard/footboard sets (queen or smaller): these will be taken whether useable or not.
  • Medical equipment such as power and manual wheelchairs, scooters, sling lifts, portable ramps, tub/shower chairs, rollator walkers, adapted strollers, standers and gait trainers, and specialty cushions/mattresses. Items should be no older than 5-6 years, in good condition or easily repaired.
  • Motorcycle batteries
  • Newspaper, preferably bundled, for garden beds
  • Nightstands
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor play sets
  • Paint (full, unopened cans of the same color): interior/2 gallons minimum, exterior/5 gallons minimum. Only white, neutral and pastels.
  • Pallets, wood
  • Paper (for shredding). NOTE: Vendor will be onsite from 11am-2pm only.
  • Parabolic skis, 5 years or younger
  • Pens/markers at the end of their life
  • Plastic bags (for groceries, newspapers, wood pellets, bird seed, potting soil, frozen foods, salad fixings, crackers, cereal, etc. No compostable or biodegradable bags)
  • Plastic boat covers
  • Plastic buckets, 5-gallon
  • Plastic cosmetic, hair care and skin care packaging
  • Plastic milk crates
  • Plastic outdoor furniture
  • Plastic pool liners
  • Plastic tarps
  • Plastic trash containers
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Pool liners, plastic
  • Post/hole diggers
  • Projection televisions, see televisions
  • Propane tanks (empty) $5
  • PUR filters, accessories and packaging
  • Purses (Clean and dry, don’t have to be useable)
  • Rakes, in usable condition
  • Ramps, portable (for medical use)
  • Rechargeable batteries: see Batteries
  • Refrigerators
    • if usable, no fee, must be less than 9 years old
    • if being recycled, $5
  • Ride-on toys (rideable, gently used)
  • Rollator walkers
  • Roller blades with rubber wheels, 5 years or younger
  • Roofing materials
  • Scooters (for medical use)
  • Scooters (rideable, gently used)
  • Scrap metal
  • Shelves
  • Shoes (Put items in bags.)
    • Gently used shoes and boots of all kinds
    • Unwearable athletic shoes
  • Shovels, garden
  • Shutters
  • Sinks, porcelain
  • Skates, see ice skates
  • Skis, see cross-country or parabolic
  • Sling lifts (for medical use)
  • Snow shoes
  • Snowboards, 5 years or younger
  • Soaps and shampoos
  • Socks, tights, pantyhose. Put items in bags.
  • Sporting goods EXCEPT plastic or sand-filled weights; cleats; yard games; fishing/hunting gear; ellipticals and treadmills; batting helmets; straight skis, water sports, paintball and airsoft gear; billiards; darts; ping-pong; air hockey, bats 4 years or older; hockey, lacrosse and parabolic skis 6 years or older
  • Standers and gait trainers
  • Street hockey gear
  • Strollers, adapted
  • Stuffed animals
  • Styrofoam, including coolers, packing blocks, coffee cups, food trays, takeout containers, non-biodegradable packing peanuts. Items must be clean, dry and bagged.
  • Sunglasses, prescription
  • Tarps, plastic
  • Televisions
    • if usable, no fee, must be flat-screens, less than 9 years old
    • if being recycled, $15-$50 depending on size
  • Tennis balls
  • Tennis rackets, 5 years or younger
  • Thermometers and thermostats
  • Throw rugs (clean and dry, don’t have to be useable). Put items in bags.
  • Tile, ceramic and vinyl
  • Tires (auto, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, on or off the rim)
  • Toilets, low-flow
  • Tools
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste and packaging
  • Tricycles (rideable, gently used)
  • Tub/shower chairs
  • Tyvek envelopes
  • Upholstered furniture (sofas, loveseats, chairs) in good, reusable condition
  • VHS tapes ($10 per box)
  • Wagons (children’s, rideable, gently used)
  • Watering cans, 2-gallon
  • Weed wackers/string trimmers, in usable condition
  • Weights: cast iron, including plates, bars and dumbbells
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Wheelchairs (manual and power) and parts, such as foot rests and leg rests
  • Windows
  • Wine corks
  • Wood pellet bags
  • Wood
    • scrap including Trex (no pressure-treated, creosote or railroad ties)
    • untreated for garden stakes and garden beds (2″ x 2″ x 8-12′ and 2″ x 6″ to 8″ x 8’–12′)
  • Writing instruments (pens, markers, no wood pencils)
  • Yarn
July 26, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1) What can we bring?
TONS o’ stuff! See the Complete List.
2) I don’t live in Ayer or Shirley. Can I still attend?
YES! RYR is open to residents of any town.
3) Can I/my kid/my scout troop/my church group still volunteer?
4) Is it free?
You may bring a donation (non-perishable foods, checks or cash) for Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry but it’s not required. Some electronics will be charged a fee. For specs, contact All-American Recycling, at 855-489-2689.
5) Will vendors give us tax receipts?
Highly likely. Please contact any vendors you’re concerned about.
6) Do we need to separate items we’re bringing?
Yes, as best as you can but if you’re unsure contact Laurie.
7) I’d love to attend but I’m going to be out of town.
Contact Laurie.
8) Will RYR be held rain or shine?
Yes, but it’s likely we’ll see sunny skies, peak color, no humidity and temps in the 70s.😉
October 3, 2015

Additional vendors onboard!

Three more vendors have signed on, Growing Places, Community Giving Tree and Play it Again Sports. So now you can donate all kinds of baby equipment, sporting goods and gardening supplies! See the complete list below for specifics.