What is RYR?

Recycle Your Reusables is

  • a local way to keep hundreds of tons of material from waste streams. Vendors repurpose materials of value in ways that support underserved communities, and boost our local economy.
  • a very busy and chaotic place! You may encounter waiting lines. Please be patient! And don’t come early. No one will be allowed to drop off anything prior to 9am.
  • a volunteer-run event that operates on a shoestring. Almost everything is free to drop off except some electronics, appliances, propane tanks, lawn mowers, snow blowers, VHS and cassette tapes. See the Complete List.

Recycle Your Reusables is not

  • a place to drop off junk. Items you bring will be recycled or reused. Even though you think that overstuffed 70s plaid couch that smells like cigarette smoke is still perfectly useable, vendors might disagree and it is their prerogative to refuse any items.
    • If being recycled the items may be broken down into their component parts (think electronics and mattresses) or ground and repurposed (think Styrofoam).
    • If being reused, items will be received by vendors such as More Than Words, Habitat for Humanity, Ginny’s Helping Hand and many more.
    • We will not take hazardous waste, any kind of light bulbs, chip bags or tarps.
    • Before you load your car with a bunch of stuff you’re not sure we’ll take contact us (Ayerrecycles@gmail.com or 978 496 5839.)

Can’t make it to RYR?

  • Visit a CHARM (Centers for Hard to Recycle Materials). Some local transfer stations are open to non-residents. See the attached list for info.


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