What Should I Leave at Home?

As important as it is to know what we’ll accept, it’s just as helpful to know what we won’t take. You’ll save yourself aggravation and time! Below is a rundown of unacceptable items. Questions, don’t hesitate to contact ayerrecycles@gmail.com or 978 496 5839.

We will NOT take:

  • items that vendors deem unacceptable for reuse. Household goods, office/art/school supplies, bicycles must be in very good to excellent condition.
  • plastic bags and bubble wrap. Almost every grocery store accepts them now.
  • paper to be shredded. This service, while popular with attendees, has become too expensive for us.
  • hazardous waste
  • rigid or bulky plastic. The RECYCLING market for these items has dried up. If the items are in good to excellent condition, one of the households goods vendors might want them (no guarantees).
  • used dry erase markers and highlighters
  • food-related Styrofoam. This means no Dunkin’s cups, no styro meat trays, no take-out containers. Also, no packing peanuts.
  • trash of any kind
  • excess cardboard boxes. For example, if you’re bringing one can of latex paint, please don’t expect us to take the box also.

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